Our 878 is UL LISTED for Hazardous Locations in US and Canada, and are also manufactured according to CSA and ATEX norms. Nema 7 and 9.

UL File #: E510184

The valve operates without pressure in the line. Ideal for gravity feed applications. It will fully open just by energizing the coil without assistance of pressure.

Rancho’s 878 Series is a Piston or Disc valve, unlike the low quality diaphragm valves, our piston valve has full port opening. Unlike diaphragms, there is no restriction for the fluid to flow when the valve is open.

The 878 Series is made out of Cast Bronze or investment casting Stainless Steel 316, ideal for fuel applications. Competitors valves are not sturdy and are made out of aluminum, not only are not compatible with many type of fuels, but also they are more fragile and originally designed for low pressure combustible gases.

Because our valves do not have diaphragms and the moving internals are made out of metals, they can operate at lower temperatures. Rancho valves are rated up to a minimum temperature of -42F. So when your fuel gets cold the valve still operates.

Rancho Factory is located in the USA. We proudly design, manufacture, assemble, and test our valves here, in the USA.

Made in the USA

This is how our 878 Series Valve is valued considering how much or how many of engineering, parts, components, manufacturing, assembling, testing and packaging take place.

100% - Designed in USA
Solenoid Valves
83% of Components and Parts from USA
Solenoid Valves
67% - Machining Process in USA
Solenoid Valves
100% - Assembly Process in USA
Solenoid Valves
100% - Testing in USA
Solenoid Valves
100% - Package Process in USA

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